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About American Information Research Services (AIRS)

American Information Research Services, Inc. (AIRS) has been providing accurate and timely public records information to consumer reporting agencies, tenant screening providers, Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms, research institutes, colleges, universities, and online information services since 1990. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best quality, service, data, and technology with an unwavering focus.


To accomplish this mission we invest heavily in developing new technologies to collect, verify, and distribute the data we research. This means our clients receive the highest quality eviction, public records, and criminal data available in the shortest amount of time possible.


Whether your organization is a small regional firm or a national corporation, AIRS data can enhance the quality of information you provide your clients and give them the confidence to trust they are receiving the most accurate information available.


  • We know where each type of local public record is maintained.
  • We access these agencies regularly.
  • We understand the contents of the documents we retrieve.
  • We search records ourselves in those agencies that do not conduct searches for the public.
  • We maintain good relationships with agency personnel.

AIRS Values and Philosophies

As a company, we challenge ourselves to excel in demonstrating to our clients that we maintain a focus on our four core values: integrity, data, service, and technology. To achieve this we are vigilant in working with partners and hiring employees that share our three philosophies:


  1. The client must be given the best possible service.
  2. Excellence and top performance must be pursued.
  3. The individual must be respected.

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Contact us online or get in touch toll-free at 800.661.9388. We are your one-stop for all public record data needs.


In 2018 American Information Research Services, Inc. became a subsidiary of Contemporary Information Corp. (CIC), a leading consumer reporting agency since 1986.  For more information about CIC’s wholesale data, including AIRS data, you can visit:



AIRS offers a Nationwide Eviction Search - Your best source for eviction information.

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Looking for one-off and name search service?  You can now access all of our data directly via our new XML/API products. Another great option for Eviction Information.

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A 50 state, multi-jurisdictional search of the most essential and accurate criminal records used in decision making.

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