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Bulk Eviction Data

Speedy, accurate and innovative reporting of information that provides a sophisticated data verification process utilizing over 300 separate edit routines to maximize accuracy. AIRS provides research faster and more accurately than the competition for a fraction of the cost!

Slash your costs for eviction data acquisition!  American Information Research Services (AIRS) provides research faster and more accurately than the competition...


  • Our Pricing can save you money on bulk licensing –  Compare costs to name-search services and SAVE!
  • Accurate reporting of information – American Information Research Services, Inc. has a record of providing 20%+ better performance and always working to improve our technology to provide information more quickly
  • Sophisticated Data Verification process – Each record is edited automatically for accuracy using over 300 separate edit routines…a final visual screening completes the editing process.

Delivery Options for Bulk Eviction Data

AIRS industry-leading data solutions are delivered to clients through an XML Gateway, API Integration, FTP, ODBC, Iframe or via website portal.  These customized solutions work directly with our clients to meet their needs.

States may be licensed singly or in groups, in whole or in part.  Prices vary based on the volume of cases and cost of acquisition.  Affordable flat-rate pricing is available. Coverage and historical data may vary. Not all states listed have historical data available. Some available states may not be listed. Other states may be available on request. Surcharges apply for in-part purchases. Discounts are available for multi-state purchases. Inquire about price.



* Some use restrictions may apply due to third-party provider requirements.

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